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RACDA February Board Meeting Minutes

Weds, Feb. 21, 2018
9:30-10:30 am
Virtual Meeting

Present: Zac Saeva (Nazareth), Emily Pelkowski (Nazareth), Kathy Tonkovich (Nazareth), Julian Huenerfauth (RIT), Jeff Alston (Brockport), Eric Vaughn (UR), Claudia Pietrzak (Brockport)
Absent: Tammie Woody (FLCC)

I. Next Board Meeting Kathy
a. 9:30am on Thursday, 3/29/2018 (via BlueJeans)
b. Julian will send invitation

II. Treasurer’s Update Jeff
a. RACDA accounts – proposal
o Graduate School Days
o Administrative/Operations Account (RACE & STEM would be combined)
b. Unanimous vote to update accounts
c. Checks are coming in from TRD presentations

III. Events: Claudia
a. Graduate School Fairs
o Updates from Matt Cardin
♣ Claudia to send written update to the Board re:full scope of role for Graduate School Fair Coordinator (per Matt C.)
♣ Seek a coordinator from participating college
♣ Kathy will send an invitation to participating colleges to seek nominations
o Rob DiCarlo’s Letter Kathy
♣ Kathy will reach out and let him know about the benefits of continuing with the consortium & ask him to reconsider
♣ If he still decides to remove SUNY Geneseo from the RACDA Grad School Days, we will be replacing Geneseo with another school
b. TRD – Updates from Mike Kahl
o 34 districts registered – requesting 73 pre-screened interviews
o Currently, only 97 students are registered
c. Professional Development Day Update – 5/23/18
o SUNY Geneseo, social event at Deer Run Winery
o Event will include keynote speaker and 2 breakout sessions + lunch
o Event to end at 4:30pm
o Registration will begin in April
o Accepting proposals for breakout sessions

IV. Professional Development Committee Eric
a. 2 training proposals submitted for professional development funds
b. Committee is meeting in March – PD Committee will draft an update on all of the proposals submitted for the Board to review in their March meeting
c. The Board will determine which proposal (2) to award the $5,000 RACDA professional development contribution to.
d. To revisit this amount and discuss in next Board meeting whether to keep it that same or increase it for next year.

V. Alternatives to CSO? Julian
a. Purple Briefcase
• To schedule meeting with Victor based sales rep – Eric will reach out to him to schedule meeting for Eric, Julian, Kathy and Tammie (Tammie worked with this sales rep recently for her implementation at FLCC. She has found this system to be effective and relatively easy to use for their Career Center’s needs).
b. Symplicity
• System might be an option and potentially reasonable if we only use the interview and events modules (not necessary to store student information and manage job postings).
c. GradLeaders (formerly CSO)
• Feedback from Dan at Fisher on the upgrade to GradLeaders is not very favorable. It seems that it would be advantageous to look into an alternate system.
d. Handshake
• Might be a possibility – will depend on whether all member school are using Handshake. To look into this option – Kathy to look into schedule a meeting with a Handshake rep.

VI. RACDA Strategic Review Meeting/Potential August Retreat Kathy/Eric
• Discussion: Idea of conducting an August retreat focused on gathering input on what do we want to do as an organization, and do we want to do any restructuring? We could meet in August and discuss:
o Creating a Vision & Mission for RACDA
o What events should we be offering?
o What do our members want to see RACDA offer?
o Invite facilitator – Joe Testani? Joe restructured the U of R Career Center through completing a strategic review of the org
• To fully discuss the proposed retreat idea in the March Board Meeting (we ran out of time at the end and did not have the opportunity to discuss this).

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