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RACDA July Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, July 16, 2018
1:45-4:00 p.m.
St. John Fisher College – Lavery Library, Room 305

I. Greeting/Announcements/August Meeting Date
– August general meeting will be on Thursday, August 9
* RACDA Board- 8:00 am-11:45 am
* RACDA Membership 12:00 pm-4:00 pm

II. Board Goals for 2018-2019 – Eric solicited the Board’s input on possible goals for the board for the coming year. Here are the goals that the group brainstormed:
1. Do more forward thinking about events – have dates for next year in place, for example
2. Develop and implement timeline/schedule for achieving the initiatives created during the August Strategic Meeting
3. What do we want to put our money into?
4. Assign point people on subcommittees to each develop goals
5. Be reflective and assess Board positions now that they’ve become more structured over the last couple years; pass those reflections on to new board.
6. Each position could develop a “leadership notebook” to be passed on to new Board members
7. Host a welcome meeting to transition board from one to the next
8. Make sure that goals are attainable and realistic – S.M.A.R.T goals
9. When starting meetings, put goals up on overhead so that point people can give updates/reports – improves accountability and movement forward

III. Communications Coordinator updates
1. Communications committee has not met since the last board meeting.
2. Website is paid for – RACDA now owes RIT reimbursement
3. No decisions yet made about the career management system for RACDA
a. We are paying for CSO for the upcoming year
b. There was discussion about whether or not we needed a system with many of the colleges on Handshake, but members of the Board expressed concern that not everyone was on Handshake, and considering the system’s capabilities, it may not work. Handshake does not allow for an admin user, so one person could not see and help with students’ activities at other colleges.
c. Do we need a system at all? Determined that yes, we do, because if we want to keep the capabilities for having an interview schedule, we need some type of system to manage that.
d. Deadline is needing to be set for making a decision
 Need to hear from TRD committee about what they need from a system so decision can be made appropriately – Julian will follow up with Mike
 Deadline set at November 1 to start reviewing new systems; we will not renew CSO
 We will look at 12Twenty as well – but need to define what is needed in order to speak with that company
 Beth will help with TRD system project

IV. Professional Development Committee Updates
1. Considering Jeremy Podany (Innovation and Scaling in Career Services) and Ellen Zuroski (Intercultural Communication) as separate professional development events beyond Professional Development Day
2. Discussion of bringing back employer visits/site visits – perhaps 6-7 per year
3. Claudia will speak with Lisa at Nazareth about professional development plans
4. Discussion of collaborating with EACE with their Road Trips to the Real World series
a. Road Trips to the Real World takes place in January and has a $5 fee for students
b. Professional Exchange is in June and solely for career development professionals
c. Zach is on the board with EACE and will explore this
5. Discussion of sending out a list to see what employers RACDA members would like to see – both for themselves and for students

V. Treasurer Updates
1. Considering merging STEM and RACE accounts into “Operations”
2. Need to determine exactly when fiscal year begins and ends
3. Created Google Doc on RACDA board account so that all files are not on a thumb drive – it was proposed that the leadership bibles could be placed there as well
4. Income seems lower for TRD this past year

VI. Events Coordinator Updates
1. Law School Night – Monday, September 24, 6:00-7:30 at University of Rochester
2. Graduate School Fairs – will be the week of the 22nd this year because Buffalo changed their dates
 Geneseo – Tuesday, October 23, 4:00-7:00
 Houghton – Wednesday, October 24, 10:00-1:00
 Brockport – Wednesday, October 24, 4:00-6:00
3. Ask at the August meeting if anyone would like to join hosting a graduate school fair
4. TRD will be April 11

VII. RACDA Strategic Review Meeting/August Retreat
1. Eric received an email from Gary – needs decreased numbers for August meeting for good brainstorming and suggested a smaller pre-event – could be Board and other types of colleges not represented on the Board; could pull in campuses we would like to see involved; Board agreed that this would make most sense.
2. Eric gave a presentation on the results of the survey of RACDA members
a. Most found us to be collaborative and professional
b. Most wish we were more innovative
 Proposed idea: Resources for employers’ section on website
 Proposed idea: Could do a fair for MBA/MSM programs – perhaps a virtual fair; RIT and University of Rochester need to be on board for that to succeed
 Proposed idea: Could post links on website to individual schools’ career platforms
c. Members feel we offer value in professional development, networking, and professional development day
d. Members would like RACDA to review events and utilize resources better in particular
 Instead of $117K in reserve, perhaps we should look at 3 years’ worth of operating budget + 10%
 Need to look at other revenue-generating measures – maybe $25 yearly membership. However, if RACDA is instituting a membership fee, it was noted that events need to be put into place.
3. Additional thoughts during discussion:
a. Julian proposed quarterly newsletter
b. What do we want in the members’ section of the website? (Section needs to be updated by August meeting.)
 Past professional development day presentations
 Board minutes/meeting minutes
 Articles interesting to members
 Discussion board – board that would automatically send weekly updates about activity, though there was concern about annoying people through RACDA email
c. Zach will take care of a gift for Jeff
d. Looking at doing something different for Christmas party – perhaps more of an activity than strictly a party.
e. RACDA annual reports – was there one created for the year before last? Kathy will do one for the past year, and Eric will do one for the future.
f. Set budget to feed recruiters attending the graduate school fairs at $20/person

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