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RACDA June Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, June 11, 2018
3:00 -4:30 pm
Cheesecake Factory, Pittsford, NY

Present: Julian Huenerfath (RIT), Eric Vaughn (UR), Kathy Tonkovich (Naz), Emily Pelkowski (Naz), Zac Saeva (Naz), Claudia Pietrzak (Brockport), Tammie Woody (FLCC)
Absent: Jeff Alston (Brockport)

I. Communications Coordinator Julian/Eric/All
1. A total of 8 (or 13 – Julian can’t remember) events have been submitted to the website
i. Deadline is June 22
2. Pay dues to GoDaddy for website
i. Domain is secure through 2022
ii. All aspects of site can be renewed for 2 years
1. Julian will use RIT credit card and send bill to RACDA for reimbursement
3. Committee scheduled to meet in July – Eric Vaughn will be scheduling and confirming location
4. Update on new Events System to replace CSO:
i. Pull together “committee” of people to review demos
1. Beth (President-elect), Mike, and Julian
ii. Career Eco – verify price point
iii. Explore what other schools are using
iv. What do NASPA and ACPA use for TPE?
1. Emily to explore

II. Professional Development Committee – Updates Eric
1. Jeremy Podany – Innovation and Scaling in Career Services ($2,500)
i. Scheduled for 10/24
2. Beth Touhasaent’s Strong Interest Inventory proposal
i. NOT moving forward

III. RACDA Strategic Review Meeting/August Retreat Kathy/Eric
1. To be held: Thurs., Aug. 9, 2018
2. Location: MCC – Confirmed
3. Eric sent RACDA surveys to Gary to review in advance of the retreat

IV. Events Coordinator – Updates Claudia
1. TRD scheduled for 4/12/2019 at Brockport
2. Graduate School Fairs – Discussion Kathy
i. No one wants to volunteer as Coordinator
ii. Require participating schools to work together with Claudia as overseer
iii. RACDA Grad School Fairs to be held week of 10/15/18
a. CNY Fairs scheduled for end of October, WNY scheduled for Tues., 10/16 (Buff State and Fredonia will hold their fair on that date; RACDA campuses will choose other dates that same week).

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