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RACDA March Board Meeting Minutes

Friday, March 30, 2018
9:30-10:30 am
Virtual Meeting

Present: Julian Huenerfauth (RIT), Eric Vaughn (UR), Kathy Tonkovich (Naz), Emily Pelkowski (Naz), Zac Saeva (Naz), Claudia Pietrzak (Brockport), Tammie Woody (FLCC)
Absent: Jeff Alston (Brockport)

I. Greeting/Announcements/Scheduling Next Board Meeting Kathy
a. NEXT MEETING: Monday, April 30 from 11am-Noon

II. Professional Development Committee – Updates/Discussion Eric
a. First proposal (Joe Testani @ UR):
i. $2,500 request
ii. Career Leadership Collective with Jeremy Podany – full-day program open to all RACDA schools
iii. Professional Development funding would allow for discounted professional development fee for RACDA members
iv. Questions:
1. What is the cost per member to attend the Career Leadership Collective event?
2. What is the length of the event?
3. What does the fee cover?
b. Second proposal (Joe Testani @ UR):
i. $600-$1,000 request (RACDA would commit to maximum but hourly fee but would only pay for actual number of hours @ $200/hour)
ii. Intercultural Communication workshop with Ellen Zuroski
iii. UR has offered to host, but it can be held elsewhere & will be open to all members
iv. Date has yet to be determined
c. TABLE VOTE to April Meeting
i. Send any questions to Eric Vaughn via e-mail by Wednesday, April 4
ii. Eric will ask Joe Testani to get further details from Jeremy Podany about the structure of his program before our April meeting.
iii. Committee to send out one more email/call for remaining proposals – to be submitted to committee by 4/30/18.

III. RACDA Strategic Review Meeting/Potential August Retreat Kathy/Eric
• Discussion: Idea of conducting an August retreat focused on gathering input on what do we want to do as an organization, and do we want to do any restructuring? Kathy and Eric proposed that we conduct a retreat in August and discuss:
o Creating a Vision & Mission for RACDA
o What events should we be offering as an organization
o What do our members want to see RACDA offer?
o With the current budget/available funds, what new initiatives do we want to focus on offering to our members.
o Invite facilitator?
♣ Eric suggested we hire Jeremy Podany as he has facilitated strategic reviews for similar consortiums before.
♣ Eric will ask Joe Testani to provide details on whether Jeremy would be available to meet with us in August or not.
♣ If Jeremy is not available, we may want to look into finding another facilitator.

IV. Treasurer’s Update Zac
o Zac summarized the current budget and emailed board members a copy.
o With recent checks deposited from Grad School Fairs, we are in a solid place
with our overall balance: $129,685.11.

V. Events Coordinator Claudia
a. Graduate School Fairs
o Seeking a Coordinator from participating college
o Kathy will send an invitation to participating colleges for nominations for the Coordinator’s role – in April

o Rob DiCarlo’s Letter – Updates from mtg. with Rob Kathy
o Kathy shared the collective concerns about Geneseo’s dropping out of the Grad School Fair circuit, and how we would have to look for another college to fill their slot. Rob is thinking over his decision and will let us know by mid-May. This works time wise, given that we typically send out invitations for Grad School Fairs in the end of June.

b. TRD – Updates Claudia
o 108 Districts are signed up, including 66 NY State and 34 Local
o 316 students have registered (up from last year)
o Event will be hosted by Brockport, and held on Weds., April 18, from 8:00 am -5:00 pm

c. Professional Development Day (5/23/18) – Updates Claudia
o Professional Development Day is scheduled for May 23, to be held at Geneseo, with a social event afterwards at Deer Run Winery.
o Call for proposals has been send out to membership; deadline for proposals is April 13.

VI. Communications Coordinator Julian
o Updates
o Communications Committee met 2 weeks ago, looked at layout of new website. Working on figuring out blogging areas (members only).
o Kathleen Raniewicz (Communications Comm. Member) is looking at website as a whole.
• Alternatives to CSO:
a. Purple Briefcase
o Eric will send out a Doodle Poll to schedule a meeting with Board members (those interested in attending) and the Purple Briefcase rep.
b. Handshake
o Julian got in touch with a Handshake rep and heard that Handshake won’t work with our consortium structure.
c. GradLeaders (formerly CSO) – Still under consideration; Kathy to find out how long our CSO contract will be supported.
d. 1220 – Julian talked with a rep from 1220 and they think platform would work with consortiums. If Purple Briefcase doesn’t seem feasible, we may schedule a meeting with a rep for 1220 in May.