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RACDA May Board Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 14, 2018
2:30 -3:30 pm
Thursday, May 17, 2018. 2:00-3:00 pm (continuation)
Virtual Meetings

Present: Jeff Alston (Brockport), Julian Huenerfauth (RIT), Eric Vaughn (UR), Kathy Tonkovich (Naz), Emily Pelkowski (Naz), Zac Saeva (Naz), Claudia Pietrzak (Brockport), Tammie Woody (FLCC)

I. Debrief from Purple Briefcase Demo All
a. Purple Briefcase would likely be able to meet our needs for TRD
b. Timeframe may be too short to switch to Purple Briefcase (month of June)
c. Decision about canceling CSO needs to be made by June 1. Options include:
i. Upgrade CSO to GradLeaders
ii. Temporarily stay in CSO with minimal support
iii. Move to an entirely new system (like Purple Briefcase)
iv. Create homegrown system
d. If all (most?) TRD schools use Handshake, can we create a “shared” event? To look into this further.
e. Use another system (EventBrite) for Grad School Fairs as an interim solution
f. At end of meeting – Board voted and APPROVED: staying with CSO for immediate timeframe (and pay new annual invoice) while researching other systems as options.

II. Professional Development Committee – Updates Eric
• Updates on status – 3 professional development proposals
o Vote on Joe Testani’s two proposals – APPROVED
♣ Jeremy Podany – Innovation and Scaling in Career Services ($2,000)
♣ Ellen Zuroski – Intercultural Communication ($600)
o To hold Vote for Beth’s Strong Interest Inventory proposal at end of Professional Development Day – Beth will see if there are any additional RACDA members who express an interest.

III. RACDA Strategic Review Meeting/August Retreat Kathy/Eric
• Update from Gary Morris: He has agreed to serve as facilitator (Yay!)
• Gary created a Member survey to gather feedback from membership on their opinions of RACDA and whether it meets their current needs (professionally, and for their institutions)
o To give out survey at beginning of Pro Dev Day
• Discussion – Points to cover in retreat?
o Creating a Vision & updated Mission for RACDA
o To establish guidelines on what specific outcomes we want from this retreat

IV. Treasurer’s Update Jeff
• Current overall balance: $129, 685.11. Still getting in some final registration payments from TRD. In good status with all accounts.

V. Events Coordinator – Updates Claudia
a. Professional Development Day (5/23/18) – Set with plans for event at Geneseo, and social event at Deer Run Winery.
b. Alumni Networking Event – (5/16/18) – Kris Stehler to send update on how many alumni attended from each RACDA school.
d. Graduate School Fairs Kathy
• Still seeking a Coordinator from participating college – Kathy to contact Rob Dicarlo, Kim Pool (Houghton) and Amanda Baker (Alfred) to inquire about interest in role.

• Idea – Give bonus/stipend to the campus for coordinating Grad School Fairs ($500-$1000) –

o $600 APPROVED; (in email vote after this meeting)
o Also APPROVED: providing $800 stipend for Coordinator of TRD, as this is a more extensive event as compared to Grad School Fairs.
o Stipends would be given to the Department rather than the Coordinators so that funds can be distributed amongst all staff who supported the events (not only the Coordinators).

VI. Election of New Board Members – Updates Tammie/Eric
• Nominations Committee formed and includes: Tammie, Eric and Kris Stehler (RIT)
• Committee has identified 3 possible candidates for President Elect and will reach out them to inquire about their interest in this role:
o Beth Touhasaent (Fisher)
o Kathleen Raniewicz (Roberts Wesleyan)
o Amanda Baker (Alfred University)
• Committee has identified two possible candidates for Secretary and will reach out to them:
o Josh Bauroth (Nazareth)
o Meredith Richel (Keuka)
• Election to be conducted via email; first vote to take place between June 1-6, then final slate will be put together and send to members for final approval (per By-Laws).

VII. Other: Recognition Awards for RACDA Members Eric/Kathy
• Two awards approved (to provide certificate (Eric to create) and gift card (Kathy to pick up):
o Phyllis Griswold – Retiring – Brockport
o Recognition/certificate – Phyllis Wixom (Geneseo) – Years of service to TRD and Grad School Days

VIII. Next Meeting: June 11, 2018, 3:00-4:30 pm To be held at the Cheesecake Factory, Pittsford

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